NOMI Apple Watch Reisetasche
NOMI Apple Watch Reisetasche
NOMI Apple Watch Reisetasche
NOMI Apple Watch Reisetasche

NOMI Apple Watch Travel bag

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Product details

Bluestein NOMI: your ideal travel companion!

What do you need to travel? Obviously, your luggage. What else? Space for it! So that you do not have to worry about the location of your Apple Watch at all, we have designed this useful travel bag from Bluestein NOMI just for you. You can safely store your Apple Watch, a charger and the wristband for your smartwatch - and of course the design is also an important component!

For your Apple Watch - and more!

Both the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2, fit perfectly into this travel bag for short and long trips. To ensure that the Apple Watch does not slip or fall out during the transport, a buckle keeps your smartwatch safely in its case. Even on your work desk, this travel bag makes absolute sense - so that your watch does not accidentally fall down or perhaps even disappears under paperwork. Wherever you decide to use the Bluestein NOMI, we guarantee that this product is extremely durable and will accompany your smartwatch for a long time.

You do not know where to put the charger? Well there is a perfect place for it in the Bluestein NOMI! By simply placing the charger in the travel bag alongside your Apple Watch, it even gets charged whilst you´re keeping the smartwatch stored and safe. Since we make this travel bag fit all dimensions exactly, both your Apple Watch and the charger disappear almost invisibly in the timeless black bag. This keeps the travel bag so compact in its size, that you can easily transport it in very small pockets.

Fight the tangled cables!

In addition to the prevention of overall damage, Bluestein NOMI also serves to effectively combat tangled cables: you can simply wrap the charging cable around the travel bag and make sure everything is kept clean in your pockets. In addition to an excellent transport option with numerous additional functions, Bluestein NOMI is also your choice if you want to support the local economy: we manufacture this item completely in Germany and rely on materials that are environmentally safe.

It combines outstanding protection for your Apple Watch with a handy 2-in-1 charger and a smartwatch case, and is based on quality "Made in Germany" - and if that was too much information for you, then you should check out the summarized benefits at one glance:

  • Perfect protection for your Apple Watch: TPU as a robust and reliable material and a buckle for secure closure!
  • An all-round solution: suitable for your smartwatch and the right charger at the same time!
  • Not only for travel: Bluestein NOMI is used wherever you want to protect your Apple Watch
  • Never have tangled cables again! You can simply wrap the cable around the travel bag and unwind it quickly if necessary
  • Sophisticated manufacturing processes with the best material selection: Bluestein NOMI stands for quality "Made in Germany"!

Do you have any questions about this product? Our customer support team is at your disposal and will help you settle any uncertainties or doubts straight away!