Bluestein THN-X iPhone X Hülle, ultra dünn, weiß matt
Bluestein THN-X iPhone X Hülle, ultra dünn, weiß matt
Bluestein THN-X iPhone X Hülle, ultra dünn, weiß matt

Bluestein THN iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus case, ultra-thin and frozen design, slightly transparent

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Product details

Irresistibly thin: The Bluestein THN iPhone case series for your iPhone 7 / iPhone 8! Suitable for wireless charging.

Extremely thin, extremely stable, extremely appealing? It´s possible – as is the case with the Bluestein iPhone THN case! We have made this product extra thin, so that it is only 0.3 mm thick and almost invisible on your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. So if you decide to choose this protective cover for your iPhone, it retains its original design completely. However, at the same time it is far better protected against small falls, shocks and scratches - and it will look great whilst doing so!

Quality by Bluestein

The goal of this iPhone THN case was to let your iPhone shine in its original glow and furthermore protect it at the same time. The high-quality raw materials we use for the production are the best choice for protection against UV light. This means, that our white and transparent-white colour editions of this protective case will not turn yellow, even in strong sunlight.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, we review each iPhone case individually again. We proceed to correct any sharp edges that can occur during the production. Finally, you end up with a protective case in your hands that is almost as light as a feather and with barely 0.3 mm thickness, it is the thinnest iPhone case in the world. Due to the slightly rough surface (not the case with the jet-black and titanium-white variants), your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 stays absolutely secure in your hands – for the summer season as well as the winter when wearing gloves. If you're looking for an almost indestructible, and yet discreet, case for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, then the THN series from Bluestein is the right choice for you!

Apple remains Apple!

We know of the power of attraction that this bitten apple has. Therefore, with the transparent design variants of the Bluestein iPhone THN case, the Apple logo remains easily visible. At first sight you will not even notice that you have put an extremely robust protective case on to your smartphone at all. We also refrain from displaying our own branding from Bluestein, and instead let the quality of the product speak for itself. A lot of thought also went in to the details of the production: on the camera there is a small elevation, so that the lens does not lie directly on the surface and avoids damage.

Here we have for you all of the benefits of the Bluestein iPhone THN case in titanium-white and jet-black colour schemes, as well as in slightly transparent white or black:

  • Thin and light: with only 0.3 mm thickness, it is the thinnest protective case for the iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 worldwide!
  • Extreme stability ensures that your iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 will not be damaged by scratches or small falls
  • All buttons and the camera remain accessible through the Bluestein iPhone THN case
  • An iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 in a high-gloss white colour? With the Bluestein iPhone THN case, this dream is now possible!
  • Discreet quality: no branding, no big logos. Your iPhone remains an iPhone
  • No sharp edges. The iPhone stays absolutely stylish and comfortable to the touch

If you have any questions about this fantastic product, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team