iPhone 7/8 , iPhone 7/8 Plus Carbon Hülle - Schwarzes Premium-Case aus Aramid-Karbon-Kevlar
iPhone 7/8 , iPhone 7/8 Plus Carbon Hülle - Schwarzes Premium-Case aus Aramid-Karbon-Kevlar

iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus carbon case - Black premium case made out of aramid-carbon (Kevlar)

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Product details

All-round protection for your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

You´re looking for a protective case for your iPhone?

The case needs to be light, but at the same time extremely stable, pretty to look at and it should also not restrict the functionality of the smartphone itself in any way.

There´s no such thing?

Yes there is! Right here: with the Bluestein carbon case you fulfil all the above requirements and turn your Apple smartphone also into a real eye-catcher!

(Almost) Bulletproof!

We manufacture this high-quality protection case for Apple's current flagship smartphones out of the material aramid-carbon (Kevlar). This is the same material that is also commonly used for making bullet-proof vests. Stability is therefore an absolute guarantee with this case. Of course, our carbon shell is much thinner and lighter: the discreet case weighs only 9 grams and is hardly noticeable in your hand. This way the Bluestein carbon case doesn´t overload you: your smartphone stays just as slim and elegant as you know it.

You do not have to be particularly skilful: with a short movement of your hand, your iPhone disappears in the case - thanks to the easy Clip-On method. The case acts like a second skin over the aluminium case of the smartphone and sits at the same time extremely secure. The smartphone can therefore not simply fall out. Due to the small cut-outs on the sides of the cover, the buttons can still be accessed at any time - and of course, you can still take fantastic photos with your 12-megapixel camera.

Matt, noble, elegant

The Bluestein carbon cover is completely smooth. Since no rubber or similar materials are used for the manufacturing, any dust and other traces of dirt particles do not stick on to your case. The aramid-carbon (Kevlar) material has a very comfortable feel to it, but does not leave any trace of dirt or fingerprints - and you'll get an interesting design for free! With this spectacular case, you will definitely stand out from anyone else with this smartphone.

Here you can find all of the advantages of the new Bluestein carbon case for your iPhone in one glance:

  • Extremely robust: aramid-carbon (Kevlar) is resistant to scratches, bumps and other damages. Protect your iPhone against any kind of harm!
  • Manufactured in Germany: Bluestein manufactures all products here, guaranteeing the highest quality for your new carbon phone case
  • Light and thin: this protective case is only 0.65 mm thick and weighs merely 9 grams. It is almost invisible on your Apple smartphone
  • Everything stays accessible: due to accurate manufacturing: all buttons, the camera and other functions (like the lightning port) remain accessible even with the case in place
  • Easy on, easy off: thanks to the easy Clip-On system, you can place your Bluestein carbon case on and off your smartphone in one short movement

You still have some questions about this product? Just contact our customer support team and we will gladly clear any doubts that you may have!